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Claudia Seidel Businesscoach Teamcoach - Design Transformations & Transition Coachings. In person and virtual, Berlin, Gemany and international.

My Focal Points

Developing your Business Personality

… to discover dynamics and achieve goals

Co-creating Business Relationships

… for cooperative and successful collaboration

Designing Corporate Transformations

… to implement new mindsets and behaviors

About me


Moema Moreira
Hines Immobilien GmbH
After researching in Internet for a training in Teambuilding and Teamcoaching, I came up to Claudia Seidel. The focus was on the team development (soft skills), (conflict-) communication and collaboration. Claudia Seidel prepared and lead a very good 2-day workshop and met all my expectations! After the workshop I experienced a better communication and collaboration in the team. We also got some ideas how to continue this journey.

I surely recommend Claudia Seidel and am looking forward to our next Teamcoaching with her.
Jacqueline de Wilde
Sekretärin der Landwirtschaftsabteilung
Botschaft des Königreichs der Niederlande
As a competent and subtle moderator and coach, Claudia made our team coaching session exciting, motivating and insightful. We found the use of MetaSkills practically very helpful. Claudia manages to get to the core of behaviour and behavioural patterns of both the individual participants and the team as a whole, and offers suggestions on how positive changes can be made.

Example Questions in my Coachings

"What can I do to avoid being loud and rude in meetings?"

Working together perfectly with my emotions in the future.

"How can we as the management appear to the outside world in a closed manner?"

Live a beneficial relationship on the management board.

"How do we succeed in introducing and using digital tools and techniques?"

Achieve the digital transformation together and successfully.

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