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Claudia Seidel, Dipl.-Ing., MSc, ORSCC, PCC, Team-Business-Coachings, Softskill-Trainings, Meeting-Moderation

Claudia Seidel, Dipl.-Ing., MSc, ORSCC, PCC

Sozial and emotional skills…

… I consider these to be of equal importance to specialist skills.

Imagine the following situations:
○ You set yourself a long-term objective, where you need endurance and a lot of energy. And: You make it!
○ You talk to a collegue about a conflict and he or she involves says “thank you”. Mutually you work on a solution both of you will agree to.
○ In your team people work focused and success oriented and from time to time people joke and have fun.
○ In team meetings everybody is on time and well prepared. You work both at the same time concentrated and relaxed and people are actively participating.

It is precisely this positive, committed climate that I would like to instill in your company, as a coach, trainer or facilitator – and I’d welcome the challenge!

Certificates and Memberships

Claudia Seidel PCC_Professional-Certified-Coach ORSCC_Certified_in_ORSC-Organizational_and_Relationship_Systems_Coaching  Claudia Seidel Member of the ICF International Caoch Federation

Professional experience

2003 to now: Founder and CEO of c-s-x and Freelancer

  • Team Coach / Relationship Systems Coach for management boards, management teams, project teams etc. to strenghten their relationship and foster their performance.
  • Executive Coach / Leadership Coach for executives and leaders in small and medium sized companies to have a sparring partner for the daily ups and downs related to leading people and teams.
  • Business Coach for employees who want to gain emotional skills.
  • Facilitator to give structure and interaction to company away days, meetings etc.
  • Scrum Coach, Agile Coach for teams to learn and live up to agile values and methods and as facilitator of retrospectives, also in non IT environments.
  • Change Manager who involves people in company transformations.
  • Softskill Trainer: for leadership skills, communication & collaboration skills.
  • Event-Manager to foster informal contacts through indoor and outdoor events, such as city rallye, team challence, paddling.

for various companies, e.g. Austria Embassy, Netherlands Embassy, Department for foreign affairs Germany, Humboldt-University Berlin, GKV-Spitzenverband (health association), mf Mercedöl (heating contractor), HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft, Hines, fletwerk (real estates), Alexa (home care), kombiverkehr (logistics), Volksfürsorge (insurance), Viasys Healthcare Services (pharmacy), Investitionsbank Berlin (bank).

2000 – 2001: Product Manager at KPN/Qwest, Karlsruhe

1995 – 2000: Lecturer and Systems Administrator at the FCZB, Berlin

1991 – 1993: Product Manager at H. Berthold AG, Berlin

Training, futher education

Claudia Seidel, Business-Team-Coach, Softskill-Trainings, Meeting-Moderation-Faciliation

2019: Design Thinking training at

2018: Scrum Master training at

2017: Certified by the Internationl Coach Federation (ICF) as Professional Certified Coach PCC™, and

2012 – 2016: Trained and Certified as Organization & Relationship Systems CoachORSC™, by CRR Global, USA, an ICF Certified Coach Training School,

2009 – 2010: trained as Coach at the Coaching Spirale Berlin (around 200 hours),

2007: Accreditet Trainer for the Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems (TMS™),

2002 – 2003: Trained as Outdoor Trainer, part of the experiential programme at ZIP in Karlsruhe,

1993 – 1994: Master of Science, Rochester Institute of Technologie (RIT), USA,

1985 – 1991: Graduated (Dipl.-Ing.) Engineer in operational planning and co-ordination, University of Arts (UdK), Berlin,

ongoing: further training via specialist literature, newsletters, trade fairs, symposiums; own development via coaching, feedback from colleagues, regular exchange of experience, information and ideas with them, and participation in external training and coaching events.