I offer targeted and solution-oriented business coaching and advice to support development processes at both the individual level (one-on-one coaching) and relationship systems level (relationship coaching, systems coaching).
I see my job as providing the necessary impetus to help individuals, business relationships, employees, managers, teams or entire companies determine their development goal, how to achieve it, and how to stay on course in the process. After all, development requires time and stamina, particularly in the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for thinking, feeling or spontaneous action.

The models and methods I use in coaching are drawn from Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching – ORSC™ by CRR Global (an ICF Certified Training School), the Team Management Systems (TMS™) by Margerison/McCann, Rational Emotive Therapy as well as systemic-constructivist and other approches.

I offer the following coaching services:

  • Relationship Systems Coaching for business relationships (e.g. business associates)
  • Corporate coaching for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs)
  • Coaching for the owners and managing directors of family businesses
  • Executive coaching for executive personnel (Chief X Managers, Directors)
  • Leadership coaching for managers (management coaching) and teamleaders
  • Team coaching (systems coaching) for project teams, departments or a particular management level
  • SCRUM Coaching
  • Coaching agile teams
  • Business coaching for employees in the workplace

Coaching themes include:

  • Create a sustainable and energetic relationship
  • Designing a restructure
  • Changinig the clime in the team, departmental or corporation
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Promoting a cross-hierarchical feedback culture
  • Improving teamwork
  • Implementing and improving SCRUM
  • Implementing an agile Mindset and agile Methods
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Managing a new position or challenge (e.g. staff management, the transition from colleague to manager, a new field of activity)
  • Developing one’s own personality
  • Improving the emotional intelligence
  • Improving the social and relationship intelligence

Have I sparked your interest in a Team-, Business or Executive-Coaching?

Contact me by telephone (+49 30 / 55 15 47 93) or by e-mail ( in order to determine wheather – and how – I can support you as a coach.

I’m looking forward to hearing of you!
Claudia Seidel