As a facilitator, I design and present workshops or conferences for up to 200 participants. I understand my role as being principally one of adviser and coordinator, working closely with you to select the appropriate method before organising and conducting the event, mostly as part of a team with other facilitators.

The overriding goal of such events is to integrate the knowledge, experience, opinions, skills and goals of a large group of people into decision-making processes, for example in corporate development or workplace design, or to promote self-organisation. Large-group processes exploit the potential of employees, managers, customers, suppliers and conference visitors – and in doing so ensure their commitment.

I offer the following large-group events:

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • World Café
  • Worldwork/DeepDemocracy nach ORSC™
  • Future workshop

Facilitation themes include:

  • Collecting values (e.g. to identify employees with the company, or for a mission statement, e.g. on managerial principles)
  • Optimising processes and structures (e.g. within the department, in customer services, with suppliers)
  • Improving the working climate
  • Collecting different views on a particular theme (e.g. mergers, market development, organisation of working time)
  • Re-designing the corporate structure in the event of change (e.g. contraction, strong growth, mergers)
  • Convergence and growth after a merger (e.g. the coalessing of the management team, the employees of both companies, or the employees of different departments)
  • Sharing good ideas as part of a culture of continuous learning and innovation
  • Highlighting new ideas about a particular topic (e.g. workplace design, new product ranges)
  • Explain the different roles (both formal and informal) in the team or organisation

Have I sparked your Interest in a Workshop or Meeting Facilitation?

Contact me by telephone (+49 30 / 55 15 47 93) or by e-mail (mail@claudia-seidel.de.) in order to determine wheather – and how – I can support you as a coach.

I’m looking forward to hearing of you!
Claudia Seidel