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My Focal Points as Businesscoach & Teamcoach

Developing your business personality

… to releasing blockades and achieving goals

  • How can I lead my employees emphatically?
  • What can I do to avoid becoming loud and unfriendly in meetings?
  • How can I prepare the employees in my department for the upcoming restructuring of the company?
  • How can I successfully transition from colleague to supervisor?
Co-creating business relationships

… for cooperative and successful collaboration.

  • How can we as management team speak with one voice in order to remain clear when talking to stakeholders?
  • What helps us to proactively shape our business relationship?
  • How can we make the merger with the other company more acceptable to our employees?
Design Transformations & Transition Coachings

… for implementing new ways of thinking and behaving.

  • How do we succeed in introducing and using digital tools and techniques in the long term?
  • What can we do to successfully change our corporate culture and establish new processes?
  • Which measures help to ensure that all employees pull together productively and motivated?

Meine Werkzeuge

Models & Methods in my Business-Coachings are

  • SCRUM and its values and mindset as a framework for agile collaboration – especially outside IT
  • DESIGN THINKING for designing new, innovative products or processes
  • TMS(TM) (Team Management System) for recognizing and leveraging the different competencies and preferences in the team
  • Escalation levels according to Glass and conflict mediation for recognizing and solving conflicts
  • Communication theories according to Schulz von Thun, Vera Birkenbiehl and others for low-friction and motivated communication
  • Iceberg model for recognizing one’s own motivation as well as limiting beliefs
  • and much more