Claudia Seidel Businesscoach, Leadershipcoach. Walk and Talk Coaching. In Person in Berlin and Germany and online also international. Developing your Businesspersonality and Leadershipstyle. Walk and Talk Coaching.
Claudia Seidel Coaching of Management Boards and Business Partners in Berlin and Germany
Claudia Seidel Businesscoach Teamcoach Berlin and Germany, online also international. Design Transformations & Transition Coachings

My Area of Focus as Business Coach & Team Coach

Developing your Business Personality

… to achieve goals and expand your skills.

  • How can I lead my employees cooperatively?
  • What can I do to avoid becoming loud and unfriendly in meetings?
  • How can I prepare the employees in my department for the upcoming restructuring of the company?
  • How can I successfully transition from colleague to supervisor?
Co-creating Business Relationships

… for cooperative and successful collaboration

  • How can we as management team speak with one voice in order to remain clear when talking to stakeholders?
  • What helps us to proactively shape our business relationship?
  • How can we make the planned restructuring of the company acceptable to our employees?
Designing Coporate Change Processes

… to implement new mindsets and behaviors

  • How do we succeed in introducing and using digital tools and techniques in the long term?
  • What can we do to successfully change the corporate culture and establish new processes?
  • Which measures help to ensure that all employees work together productively and motivated?

Meine Werkzeuge

Models & Methods in my Business and Team Coachings are

  • ORSC™ and RSI™ – Tools and Skill of the Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching Model with its 5 Principles of Relationship Systems Intelligence
  • Contextual Coaching with the Iceberg model of the CoachingSpirale for recognizing one’s own motivations as well as limiting beliefs
  • SCRUM and its values and mindset as a framework for agile collaboration – especially outside IT
  • DESIGN THINKING for designing new, innovative products or processes
  • TMS™ (Team Management System) for recognizing and leveraging the different competencies and preferences in the team
  • Methods from organizational development and business model development such as PESTE, Business Model Canvas, Appreciative Inquiry, 7S and more.
  • Escalation levels according to Glass and conflict mediation for recognizing and solving conflicts
  • Communication theories according to Schulz von Thun, Vera Birkenbiehl and others for low-friction and motivated communication
  • and much more