As a trainer, I run in-house seminars and workshops on soft/social skills. I develop each event separately, taking the specific target group, the number of participants and duration, and above all your goals and requirements into account.

My teaching methods involve interactive learning activities (in the workplace and outdoors), roleplaying, practice meetings, reflection and background information. For the latter, I use models such as Tuckman’s team clock, Glasl’s escalation ladder, Margerison-McCann’s Team Management System (TMS™), Schulz von Thun’s four sides of a message, and many more besides.

I offer the following training services:

  • Teambildung / Teambuilding bei neu zusammengesetzten Teams (Projektteams, Abteilungen, Führungskräfteteams)
  • Teamentwicklung bereits bestehender Teams,
  • Team training/building for newly established teams (project teams, departments, management teams)
  • Development of existing teams
  • Social skills for trainees and mixed employee groups
  • Selfmanagement skills for a group of individuals or leaders and managers
  • HR development,
  • team composition and management using the TMS™

Training themes include:

  • Team spirit,
  • Communication,
  • Self and time management,
  • Stamina,
  • Conflict management,
  • Team Management,

Target groups for a Softskill Training are:

  • a group of employees
  • a teams / projektteam
  • a department
  • leaders and managers

Have I sparked your interest in a training of softskills or selfmanagement Skills?

Contact me by telephone (+49 30 / 55 15 47 93) or by e-mail ( in order to determine wheather – and how – I can support you as a coach.

I’m looking forward to hearing of you!
Claudia Seidel